Psychologists and Ethics Education

Multiple reports over the past five years have detailed the cooperation between the American Psychological Association and United States Department of Defense in prisoner interrogation equivalent to torture during the early part of this century. As outlined here, there’s substantive evidence of unethical behavior conducted by psychologists.

How does this pertain to engineering? The Newsweek article mentions a source of the problem arising from negligible military medical ethics education for students, which eventually culminates in practicing psychologists not knowing better. This article has more information on the ethics education in clinical psychology graduate programs. Do undergraduate and graduate engineering programs commit similar sins of omission that consequently lead to unintentional misconduct? What do you think?

For more background reading, check this article from The Economist on the APA’s investigation (or read the brief 542-page independent report for yourself). While you’re reading, please be sure to note the difference between the American Psychological Association and the American Psychiatric Association.

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