Organizing Organizations

This entry builds on previous posts about the responsibilities of corporations and organizations for the ethical behavior of their employees. There are (at least) two important questions that arise from this treatment of the organization as a distinct actor. First, in the world where corporations possess personhood, and certain constitutional rights, then they should also possess … More Organizing Organizations

On the Border

As mentioned last week, this is the second of two follow-up posts that arose from the question about the ethical standards germane to artificial intelligence companies. Last week’s applied to the ethics of algorithms, in all of their black box splendor. This week’s post asks questions about which standards are applicable when a company operates in … More On the Border

Feel the Algorithm

Last week’s post discussed the newly announced arrangement between some of the tech giants called the Partnership on AI. Embedded in that were (at least) two additional, timely issues that each merit their own posts. The first, the subject of this week’s post, is the issue of the ethics of algorithms and their potentially pernicious effects. … More Feel the Algorithm

On the Conduct of Business and Artificial Intelligence

Last week, a partnership was announced between Amazon, Google, Facebook, IBM, and Microsoft called the Partnership on Artificial Intelligence to Benefit People and Society. The Partnership’s website states that one of its goals is: To support research and recommend best practices in areas including ethics, fairness, and inclusivity; transparency and interoperability; privacy; collaboration between people and … More On the Conduct of Business and Artificial Intelligence

The Ethics of Using Codes of Ethics to Improve Professional Standing

In his 1971 book, The Revolt of the Engineers, Ed Layton discusses the crass calculus employed by some engineers in the founder societies to develop codes of ethics. Specifically, he describes the machinations of engineering luminaries’ public writings exhorting their respective professional societies to adopt codes of ethics in order to improve the public standing of the engineering profession and … More The Ethics of Using Codes of Ethics to Improve Professional Standing

Association for Practical and Professional Ethics 2016

Hello to anyone and everyone who visited us at the Association for Practice and Professional Ethics 2016 annual conference! It was a pleasure to have so many insightful conversations and brainstorm possibilities for this project at the conference. We look forward to continuing those discussions in the coming weeks and months ahead. In the meanwhile, … More Association for Practical and Professional Ethics 2016